Damagers Guild


Little is known about the inner workings of the Damagers Guild, save that it was formed before the Spellplague struck Toril over a century ago. Its members consists of contracted mercenaries, outlaws, murderers, and just about any evil creature willing to work for the guild. What is known about this guild is that it specializes in contract killing, extortion, kidnapping, money-laundering, gambling, mercenary work, treasure seeking/stealing, and many other unsavory practices.

When hired by the guild, each member is given a moniker—a professional name—which usually represents a member’s specialized skill, trait, or craft. For example, one of the guild’s best known female assassin and founding member was a human woman named Ivy. Her expertise—as her moniker suggests—was in the deadly use of poison. It’s rumored that a current member has claimed the name once again and is said to be even more skilled in her deadly art.

The Damagers Guild contracts itself out to various countries and organizations across Toril. Recently, the guild had worked for The Eye of Justice, a heretical, hypervigilant branch of those faithful to Torm, god of justice. The Eye of Justice brutally tried to root out what they perceive as “evil” in the world outside of Elturgard. When the Eye of Justice were themselves rooted out by adventurers from the Sunset Vale, the Damagers Guild was also forced out of Elturgard.

The Damagers Guild operates from several headquarters across Toril, each maintaining constant contact with the other through the use of magic.

Damagers Guild Story Arc

“The Wayward Wayfarer”

“Another Round on the House” Part 1

“Another Round on the House” Part 2

“Baldur’s Gate”

“Sea of Swords” Part 1

“Sea of Swords” Part 2

Damagers Guild

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