Scourge of the Sunset Vale


The Sunset Vale

The Sunset Vale is found in the Western Heartlands of Toril. It encompasses all the lands between the River Reaching and the River Chionthar to the west and the Sunset Mountains and the Far Hills to the east. —(“Sunset Vale.” The Forgotten Realms Wiki – Books, Races, Classes, and More. Web. 31 July 2011. <>.)

In this story arc, the Sunset Vale had been invaded by a horde of undead. The first reported infestation of undead began in the town of Asbravn, and quickly spread throughout the rest of the vale. Although some suspect the cult of Orcus being involved, no one was certain.

Adventurers from all over Faerun braved the dangers of the Vale, although many fell to the Zombie Plague that threatened to turn anyone into a zombie if they failed to resist its deadly effects.

In Hluthvar, the Company of the Siren Song along with four High Swords from Bear’s Head fought and defeated an infestation of ghouls led by the ghoul lord Vrikus, who managed to escape.

After Hluthvar had been freed, a small army from Cormyr arrived to occupy the town. Under Zaachaeus’s edict, Hluthvar was left to the Cormyrean forces. Everyone later learned that the undead horde in Asbravn had been defeated by an adventuring company from Iriaebor.

Adventures in the Sunset Vale

“The Road of Good Intentions”

“Dampened Spirits”


“Attack of the Zhentarims”

“The Jailhouse”

“A Matter of Trust”

“The Best Laid Plans”

“Camp Undead”

“Separate Ways” (Final Session)

Scourge of the Sunset Vale

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