The Shadowblades

Orc shadowblade

The Shadowblades is a guild of assassins originally formed by Jericho Entreri, the bastard son of the famous assassin, Artemis Entreri, before the Spellplague.

Jericho recruited orcs to fill the ranks of a well-trained cadre of assassins. He chose orcs for their tenacity and fearlessness in battle, although he knew their weakness lay in their inability to work covertly, preferring attacking their opponents en masse. However, Jericho suspected that given the proper training, even orcs could be trained in the deadly art of assassination.

He was correct.

Eventually, the Shadowblades became known as the deadliest guild of assassins in Faerûn. Even the Zhentarim and the Cult of the Dragon are said to hire their services.

What became of Jericho is shrouded in mystery, but ultimately the Shadowblades began to infiltrate other assassins’ guilds across the Realms with the goal of growing in number and strength. Although the Shadowblades began as a well-trained group of orcs, their current members include people from among other races like the shadar-kais and doppelgangers.

It is not known who currently leads the Shadowblades.

Shadowblades Story Arc

“Golden Acres”

“Welcome to Daggerford”


“Sins of the Father” Part 1

The Shadowblades

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