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Legacy of the Realms

"A Gift Fit For a King"

Shadow of the Spider Queen (Rise of the Underdarkā„¢ Adventures)

20 Eleint, 1479, Year of the Ageless One

The four adventurers from Bear’s Head made their way deeper into the Shallows of the Underdark, eventually finding themselves directly beneath the town from which they came from.

“How deep are we?” Kursk asked Think, the group’s tinkerer.

“We are approximately five hundred and thirty-two feet, according to the striations on these walls,” Tink said pointing to the tunnel’s walls.

“I agree with the tinkerer,” Quinn added. “I’ve studied a thing or two about dungeoneering, and we are deep indeed. I’d say we’re right below the lake.”

“What’s that sound?” Skamus asked as he quietly walked ahead of the others. The wide tunnel led downward and turned sharply to the right. The tiefling stopped and peeked around the corner. He then raised his finger to his mouth to signal the others to be quiet, while waiving for them to come towards him.

Beyond, the tunnel opened into a vast cavern brightly lit by torches and large patches of glowing moss and fungi which seemed to cover much of the cavern’s rough walls.

The sound of chiseling and hammering can also be heard echoing throughout the cavern. Over a dozen dwarves were busy working in the cavern. Hammering or chiseling away at the walls or rocks. All seemed busy at work collecting crystals that seemed to grow in abundance in the cavern.

At the tunnel’s end, the group saw a lone dwarf dressed in leather armor. The dwarf’s skin was ashen gray, while his beard and hair were bone white and spiky. The dwarf had a warhammer slung over its shoulder as he paced back and forth.

It was clear he was guarding the tunnel.

“I have an idea.” Tink whispered as she urged the others to quietly moved back down the tunnel.


The duergar turned to gaze down the tunnel. With his darkvision, he noticed a small four-legged creature unfamiliar to him. It was covered in fur and wore a collar around its neck.

The duergar looked back over his shoulder at the cavern where the dwarven slaves were busy at work. Unfortunately, the nearest guard he could call upon was too far away.

Despite having been ordered to stay alert, the duergar’s curiosity got the better of him. Gripping the warhammer tightly in both hands, the duergar walked into the tunnel towards the strange animal.

To be continued…


Kursk, Skamus, and Quinn





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