Campaign of the Month: February 2012

Legacy of the Realms

A New DM for Legacy of the Realms

Having had the privilege of a being a DM for Legacy of the Realms has been an amazing experience for me. However, as of today, I will be handing over the reigns of being a DM to one of our players, Justin Wells (Cain, the Deadwalker).

I know Justin will continue the epic storylines and great gaming experience that has made Legacy of the Realms the award-winning campaign it is.

I look forward now to being a player in the campaign and focusing on my Savage Worlds campaigns. I may even consider starting a different 5e campaign someday.

Till swords meet!

—Richard Rouillard
Legacy of the Realms DM (1990s – 2016).


Thank you Richard for trusting me in this epic storyline that you have been building to epic levels. Not much will change and I will do my best to carry on the amazing adventures of the Champions of the Vale.

A New DM for Legacy of the Realms

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