Campaign of the Month: February 2012

Legacy of the Realms

Ending of the "Rise of Tiamat" Adventure


During the attack in Neronvain’s Stronghold in the Misty Forest, Lo-kag, Caldreas, Winslow, and Skaylbane were mortally wounded by the forces of the Dragon Cult. The green dragon, Chuth, along with the elven wizard, Neronvain, their elven prisoners and Dragon Cultists, nearly killed the adventurers.

Only the elven fighter, Patch, was spared. Chuth, had him leave all of his weapons behind. Despite Patch’s protest, Chuth kept the others prisoner.

Patch travelled back to Waterdeep to ask the Council for help rescuing his friends. They turned down Patch’s request since their resources were spread out thin due to the fight against the Dragon Cult. .

Disappointed, Patch left Waterdeep and returned to New Bear’s Head in the Sunset Vale where he found the town in need of protection against the rising threat of the Dragon Cult.

A few months later, the forces of good eventually triumphed over the Dragon Cult. Another band of brave adventurers took on the mantle of defeating the Dragon Queen at the Well of Dragons. Tiamat’s threat ended as she was forced to return to the Nine Hells.

The Dragon Cult’s forces, now unorganized since their leader Severin was slain, scattered to various parts of the Realms.

The vindictive chromatic dragons scattered back to their lairs, but only after many of them laid claim to choice pieces of treasures or barrels bulging with gold and gems from the cult’s hoard.

Despite their victory, the armies of good had paid a steep cost in the fight against Tiamat. Leaders representing the ruling nobility of countless houses fell in the fight, just as many other brave adventurers fell to the Dragon Cult’s forces.

But just as in the past, the Forgotten Realms has endured another threat to its stability. And at least for the moment, the Realms and all those who call it home, can find peace.


Four months after being nearly slain by the green dragon Chuth in Neronvain’s Stronghold, Caldreas appeared back in New Bear’s Head.

Not knowing the fate of his friends, he spoke of being taken elsewhere by the Dragon Cult. He heard from other slaves that most prisoners were being sacrificed or would be sacrificed to to help bring Tiamat to the Realms. During the next four months, Caldreas endured mistreatment as a slave of the Dragon Cult.

But as luck would have it, one day, the Dragon Cult caravan he was on was attacked by a group of adventurers while he traveling to another cult stronghold. During the battle, Caldreas escaped. As soon as he was able to, he made his way back to New Bear’s Head.

He had lost all of his possessions, both magical and mundane. But he was thankful to be alive.



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