Campaign of the Month: February 2012

Legacy of the Realms

Enter "Herfrik the Silent"

Episode 2 Chapter 3_1 Flamerule_ (1492 DR)

As the group sleeps before their grand adventure, they fall in to a strange dream. All members of the group experience the same dream. They all awake in a strange dimension where a tall robed man with wings greets them.

“You have all been chosen to retrieve an item for the gods, and you will be rewarded with one wish upon success, my name is Maloshi, the Deva. And you are in the first layer of Hell, Avernus”

The group questions Maloshi and he goes on to explain that this strange globe has been stolen by a group of devils and needs to be returned.

“A guide will meet you and help you get through hell but be careful, I do wish the gods were with you, but even they would not dare enter this retched place.”

Noticeably absent is Cain, who Maloshi explains is banned from the nine hells due to his previous adventures and success.

The group agrees to the task and is teleported to Avernus, the first layer of Hell.
Sixteen mindless Lemures lumber towards the team and are dispatched quickly by the magic of Caldreas and the arrows of Glyn.

A large shadow flies overhead and lands on the outside of Patch, this animal has three heads, a goat, a lion and a dragon and growls at the party. Patch and Ironfist proceed to pummel the beast with their weapons and fists as the many take the dragon head’s breath of fire. Laurentiana’s healing offsets the vile fire that rages from the beast’s mouth. The group quickly kills the beast with minimal injury. As the beast falls to the ground a figure approaches them. The figure is over seven feet tall and very gaunt, almost sickly. Looks to the party and says….

“You should have been here days ago, I am Herfrik, your guide.”




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