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Legacy of the Realms

Greenest in Flames

Chapter 3 (Hoard of the Dragon Queen)

15 Marpenoth, Year of the Warrior Princess (1489 DR)
Town of Greenest

It had been nearly two months since the group left Neverwinter bound for Greenest. The sailing ship, Blackwood, captained by Petamros offered to sail as far as the city of Berdusk. Once there, the group would travel on foot to the town of Greenest, some several days south.

When they arrived in Berdusk, they offered to hire themselves out as bodyguards to a human lamp merchant named Kildellus who payed good gold for their protection.

Fortunately, the journey to Greenest was uneventful. However, the same couldn’t be said when they reached the town just as the sun had set towards the distant Sword Coast.

When the group topped a rise, they saw the town just a few miles away. But instead of the pleasant, welcoming town they expected, they saw columns of black smoke rising from burning buildings, running figures that were little more than dots from a distance, and a dark, winged shape wheeling low over a keep that rose above the center of the town.

It was clear that Greenest was being attacked by a dragon!


At the sight of Greenest under attack, Kildellus threw them each a bag of coins—the remaining agreed-upon fee for their job. The merchant then turned his horse and wagon around and spurred the horse back north.

The group stayed to the shadows and made their way to the town’s edge.

They soon came upon a family of four. A peasant woman, armed with a broken spear and carrying a shield was trying to urge her wounded husband and two young children across a road just as, several small scaly humanoids armed with daggers and slings came out from behind a nearby cottage.. The creatures yelled and pointed at the fleeing family and was about to give chase when the group arrived.

Ghesh recognized the creatures as kobolds.

The kobolds, seeing a new threat, turned their attention upon the adventurers, giving the family time to escape towards the distant keep.

The heroes fought the kobolds and slew every single one of them.

Unsure of what was going on, they decided to carefully make their way to the keep.

Along the way, they came upon a solitary old human man hiding behind a barrel next to a wheelwright’s shop.

When asked, the old man said he was separated from his wife—whom he admitted was but twenty winters old to his over seventy—when they were fleeing from the raiders. He believed his wife made it safely to the keep but asked the adventurers if they would help him to the keep.

Just then, more kobolds, this time accompanied by four men dressed in dark robes and wielding scimitars appeared from farther down the street.

Dorn Redhand asked the others to stay out of sight, while he made his way invisibly towards the raiders. Dorn then used illusion spells to lure the raiders away and then doubled back to regroup with the others.

The group continued on with the old man. When they came upon some other townsfolks fleeing towards the keep, they asked the others to help the old man find his young wife.

The group was going to join the townsfolk but a nearby scream convinced them to remain.

Following the sounds of helpless townsfolk, the group came upon a small cottage, its front door beating battered down by two robed raiders and two kobolds.

The group quickly dispatched the raiders and rescued the people inside the cottage.

Together, everyone quickly made their way to the safety of the keep, avoiding any encounter along the way.

Heroes and NPCs

Dorn Redhand

Ghesh Goldscale (5e Fighter: Soldier)

Xander Wayfinder (5e Fighter: Duelist Sailor)



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