Campaign of the Month: February 2012

Legacy of the Realms

"Halls of Hammerfist" Finale

Eleint 4, 1479, Year of the Ageless One (Morning)

Zaachaeus kept up his attacks against the white dragon, Thrymzen, his blades cutting deeply with each strike. Thrymzen tried to dodge and avoid the drow’s deadly onslaught, but he knew it was just a matter of time before his few centuries of existence would come to a bitter end. As if to drive home the point, Thrymzen noticed another attacker—farther down the hall—take careful aim at him with a bow.

A sudden sharp pain in Thrymzen’s chest seconds later confirmed that his life had indeed come to an end. He always thought that he would surpass his sire, Kurikveaeri—an ancient white dragon—in strength, power, and wealth. But as he lay dying on the floor, an arrow buried deep within his massive heart, Thrymzen could only ask himself one question: where did it all go wrong?

As the dragon lay still, Zaachaeus looked back at Arrol the Ranger and nodded before turning his attention to the battle still being waged in the icy chamber. His father, Huntrah, was trying to fend off attacks from both the ice troll and Koliada, the Winter Witch, while making attacks of his own. Meanwhile, Cain—hovering near the ceiling—launched his deadly spells. The Winter King stood near the dead dragon, a look of disbelief spread across his undead visage. Badly wounded himself, the Winter King looked back to his mistress, Koliada, as if to reassure himself that the tide of battle could still sway in their favor.


The battle that continued in the ice-covered throne room was long and bloody. The heroes hurled powerful spells and struck with deadly blows with steeled weapons against the Winter King, ice troll, and Koliada—the Winter Witch. The fight nearly cost Dred his life and had severely wounded mighty Huntrah. Even Omega, the gnomish archmage, didn’t escape the battle unharmed.

In time, both the troll and the Winter King was slain. Koliada, herself badly wounded from the battle, tried to flee and save herself, but the adventurers would not have it. Before she could escape, the adventurers had slain her by using the Sun’s Sliver a sliver of pure sunlight and the only known object in the universe that truly destroy the Winter Witch. The group recently found the Sun’s Sliver at the temple to Lathander in the Sunset Mountains.


Farsten hammerfist
With the Winter Witch dead, the adventurers healed themselves. They then explored the rest of Hammerfist Hall and found hundreds of dwarves frozen in ice. But with Koliada’s death, the ice began to melt and soon every dwarf in Hammerfist Hall was free from his or her icy prison.

Amongst the dwarves freed from Koliada’s powerful curse was the lord of Hammerfist Hall, Clan Lord Farsten Hammerfist. Grateful for his and his clan’s freedom, Clan Lord Hammerfist insisted that the adventurers stay for a while so they may properly reward and honor their saviors with a feast held in their honor as well as rewarding them with 10,000 gold pieces. A funeral was also planned for Orain Lightoath, beloved cleric of Moradin.

The heroes agreed, thankful for the generous hospitality and equally generous reward. More important, they were thankful for having possibly gained an alliance with the dwarves of Hammerfist Hall.

Characters: Arrol Mai-fair, Omega, Dred Ironfoot, Cain Justice, Zaachaeus De’Barronn, Huntrah De’Barron



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