Campaign of the Month: February 2012

Legacy of the Realms

"Hell to the Chief"

Against the Giants (Sunset Mountains)

7 Marpenoth, 1479, Year of the Ageless One
Past Midnight, Far Hills, Sunset Vale, Steading of the Hill Giants

Description: Windy
Temperature: Moderate
High: 57°F (13°C)
Low: 38°F (3°C)
Relative: Warmer than normal
Wind Force: Moderate
Wind Speed: 11 mph (17 kph)
Moderate Wind: A steady wind with a 50% chance of extinguishing candles, torches, and similar unprotected flames.

After recovering for over a day, the adventurers were ready to face the chieftain and what was left of his giant kin.

To be continued…

The Company of the Siren’s Song:

Caldreas, Lo-kag, Therand, Deb, Dred



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