Campaign of the Month: February 2012

Legacy of the Realms

New Bear's Head

Ch.1 (Bloody Jack's Gold)

1 Marpenoth, The Year of the Star Walker’s Return (1490 DR)
New Bear’s Head, The Sunset Vale

640x640_9423_Meleen_s_Silver_Tongue_2d_fantasy_tavern_legends_of_norrath_picture_image_digital_art.jpgWhile gathered at the Bear’s Head Inn, Caldreas and Patch reminisced about the past year and of their lost friends, Lo-kag, Winslow, and Goldentag Skaylebane.

Glyn Windriver, a ranger who was working out of New Bear’s Head sat down next to the two and introduced himself. He offered his services as a ranger to the group.

Now three strong, their discussion moved to future plans and of adventures ahead of them. They also came upon with a name of their adventuring group, “Champions of the Vale”.

During the discussion, they were joined by Rollard, a half-elf rogue and cleric of Tymora who was looking to join other like-minded adventurers who shared his curiosity and love of adventuring. Rollard said he was currently in charge of the shrine to Tymora, The Goddess of Luck, in New Bear’s Head but was looking to move on.

Calderas and Patch welcomed Rollard. They then shared with him a map they were given by a homeless old man in Neverwinter last time they were there.

Caldreas shared that map had a name written on it: Bloody Jack. He shared with the others an ancient story about the notorious pirate, Bloody Jack, who lived nearly three centuries before the Spellplague.

As the legend went, the pirate Bloody Jack plundered an Amnian fleet, and gained the greatest hoard of his long and blood-soaked career. Though he was caught and executed shortly afterward, he died without revealing the treasure’s location to a single soul. Old sailors whisper tales of the labyrinth Bloody Jack built to hide his booty in, and the horrible end that came to the unfortunate souls who built it. Many have gone in search of it, but none have returned.

The map was drawn upon a piece of human skin taken off the back of some unfortunate individual. On it were written marks indicating the possible location of the where the island could be found.

They then decided to travel to Waterdeep and find a captain who would be willing to take them in search of a vast treasure.

Champions of the Vale

Caldreas Arannis (4e Character)

Glyn Windriver (Champions of the Vale)


Rollard (NPC, Champions of the Vale)


Patch ’ s quest to replenish New Bear’s Head’s resources starts here!

New Bear's Head

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