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Legacy of the Realms

"On His Majesty's Secret Service"

Land of the Purple Dragon (Adventures in Cormyr)

29 Ches – Tarsakh 2, 1481, The Year of the Grinning Halfling
Azoun’s Hold, Eastern Cormyr

Description: Cloudy
Temperature: Moderate
High: 50°F (10°C)
Low: 40°F (4°C)
Relative: Normal
Wind Force: Light
Wind Speed: 1 mph (1 kph)
Light Wind: A gentle breeze, having little or no game effect.

Sword Captain Dorin Goldhammer was an imposing dwarf and Purple Dragon officer.

His chainmail and shield were polished to a perfect shine, while his uniform was as sharp as the features on his face.

“Listen here you poor excuses for soldiers!” the Sword Captain barked. He paced back and forth before a group of soldiers assembled before him. “I am here to make sure this mission is a success. We have been ordered to travel to the Mines of Madness in search of the Forever Stone, a powerful artifact rumored to have many great powers, first among them the power to grant eternal life.”

He intentionally paused to let the last few words settle in before he continued.

“According to half-forgotten lore,” the Sword Captain said in a tone mimicking that of some great historian. “The stone was hidden from the world long ago by evil wizards and greedy dwarves who coveted its power. They are said to have perished in an orgy of magic and bloodshed after turning on one another.”

He stopped pacing and turned to face the soldiers standing at attention before. He made sure he had their complete attention before he continued. “Naturally, we don’t expect all the rumors to be true, but one thing is certain. Over the years, many have tried to claim the Forever Stone, but none have succeeded. However, gentlemen, I intend to be the first to succeed where many have failed before us. I will not lie to you, soldiers. To retrieve the Forever Stone would catapult me into the annals of awesomeness. Bards will sing of my glory, while historians record what I have accomplished. And so here we are, on the brink of greatness, ready to descend into the depths in search of glory and, more important, fame!”

To be continued…


Cormyrian Purple Dragons: Bryan, Brando, and Waingrove

Companions & NPCs:

Sword Captain Dorin Goldhammer



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