Campaign of the Month: February 2012

Legacy of the Realms

"Quest for Fire" Part 2

A Legacy of the Realms Side Arc

Eleint 28, 1479, Year of the Ageless One

The sun’s oppressive heat beat down on the four travelers as they made their way across the hot Netherese desert. For nearly a day, the group had been traveling east. According to Lo-ghath, the goliath they were traveling with, it would be another day before they reached the desert fort where Oathem was holding Kelek, Quan’s son.

Sudenly, from the east, the group heard an elemental roar, like that of a powerful blast of air. They saw a huge twenty-foot high, fifteen-foot-wide funnel of swirling air and sand cut a swath across the top of large dune less than a hundred feet from where they stood. Like a thing driven by an unseen force, the funnel turned north, then suddenly switched direction.

Everyone watched as the cyclone bellowed an elemental roar, then bore down towards them.

“By the gods,” Lo-ghath the goliath thug yelled above the cyclone’s deafening roar. “It’s Vaarduun!”

“Who or what is Vaarduun?” Caldreas asked out loud as he gripped his magical staff tighter in his hands.

“It’s an elder dust devil,” Lo-ghath yelled with fear in his voice. “It’s said that a powerful wizard from Rasilith summoned that elemental years ago. In a rage, it broke free of its magical bonds, slew its summoner, and fled into the desert. The stories told say that the thing has gone mad and has left a path of destruction in its wake.”

Lo-kag, the goliath barbarian raised his weapon and turned to face the oncoming dust devil. “And so have we.”

To be continued…


Lo-kag, Caldreas, and Deb



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