Campaign of the Month: February 2012

Legacy of the Realms

The Full Moon Tavern

Ch. 1 (Champions of the Vale)

Greengrass, The Year of Three Ships Sailing (1492 DR)
Waterdeep, The Sword Coast

On the night of Greengrass, the Champions of the Vale fought and slew members of a lycanthrope gang in the Full Moon Tavern located in Dock Ward.

Ghesh was not with the others since he had joined Waterdeep’s City Watch.

Although some members of the gang managed to escape, the heroes learned that the gang call themselves “The Brotherhood of the…”, but did not discover what the entire name of the gang was.

2015-12-13_11.53.10.jpgThe death of Captain Silentkill, a halfling rogue and captain of the Sea’s Plunder put an end to Xander’s quest for revenge on the captain and members of his crew who long ago nearly cost Xander his life.

After leaving the Full Moon Tavern, the heroes made their way to the docks. Using a Bigby’s Hand spell, Caldreas sunk the Sea’s Plunder.

The heroes then made their way back to the Lucky Coin to join in on the festivities of Greengrass.

Champions of the Vale

Caldreas Arannis (4e Character)


Xander Wayfinder


Glyn Windriver



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