Campaign of the Month: February 2012

Legacy of the Realms

The Mysterious Man

Episode 2, Chapter 1, 1 Flamerule (1492 DR)

The Champions of the Vale are now enjoying their peace and quiet at the Bear’s Head Inn. Talking to Kira and the townsfolk and just going about their day. All the townsfolk gathered around as Xander boastfully (and drunkenly) told the story of how the now Half-Elven wizard Caldreas came to be.

When all of the sudden the bar patrons started leaving the inn to a commotion outside. Kira and the Champions soon follow to see what seems like the whole town at the front gate. Two guards facing a mysterious hooded figure with weapons drawn.

The figure uttered in a low deep voice.

“Caldreas Arannis, Xander Wayfinder, Glyn Windriver and Patch……Help me, I beg of you.”

(RIP) Caldreas Arannis (Champions of the Vale)

Xander Wayfinder (Champions of the Vale)

Gorim Ironfist


Patch (Champions of the Vale)

Glyn Windriver (Champions of the Vale)



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