Campaign of the Month: February 2012

Legacy of the Realms

The Nameless Island

Ch.2 (Bloody Jack's Gold)

3 Hammer, The Year of the Scarlet Witch (1491 DR)
Nameless Island, The Trackless Sea

Having teleported to Waterdeep, Patch, Caldreas and Rollard made their way to Dock Ward to find a ship and a captain who could help them find the nameless island drawn on their map made of human skin.

Eventually, they met Ghesh a Dragonborn Master of Arms aboard the ship, The Sea Ghost. Ghesh directed the heroes to Xander Wayfinder, the ship’s captain.

Inside his cabin, Xander was shown the map. He deciphered the location of the nameless island. He said it lay beyond the Sea of Swords and somewhere in the Trackless Sea. Although he had never ventured into the Trackless Sea, he was confident he could take the others there.

Xander negotiated payment for the heroes’ passage which he calculated could take about three months to reach and another three months to return.

The Champions of the Vale agreed to the payment and got ready to sail on board the Sea Ghost.

During the long voyage, Xander and Ghesh offered to join the Champions of the Vale for a fair share of any treasure they may find. In return, he waved off the fee to take the heroes to the island.

Knowing that Ghesh and Xander could help ensure the success of their quest, the Champions of the Vale accepted their offer.

Three long months at sea went by uneventfully.

However, the trip to the island aboard a rowboat would not be so uneventful.

On the way to the shore, they were attacked by several sharks with black scales and red markings. Glyn noted that the sharks were unnatural. Patch emembered similar markings on devils he had fought long ago.

After a long battle, the sharks were defeated and the crew set food on the island’s sandy beach.

Then they were attacked by skeletal remains of pirates who rose out of the sands all around them.

The fight against the skeletons didn’t last long.

Soon, the heroes were cutting their way deep into the jungle’s tropical forest.

Champions of the Vale

Caldreas Arannis (4e Character)

Ghesh Goldscale

Glyn Windriver


Rollard (NPC, Champions of the Vale)

Xander Wayfinder



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