Campaign of the Month: February 2012

Legacy of the Realms

The Coast Way

Ch. 10 (Champions of the Vale)

23 Mirtul, The Year of Three Ships Sailing (1492 DR)
The Coast Way, The Sword Coast

The Champions of the Vale, having left Candlekeep without having gained entry, decided to continue on their mission of returning young Erinthar Alibakkar to Athkatla, the capital city of Amn, the City of Coin.

After traveling for nearly two days, the group arrived at the Coast Way. It was quickly getting dark.

At the crossroads, they found a run-down cottage. Nearby, a weatherbeaten wagon lay on its side on the road. They decided to investigate the cottage and perhaps stay there for the night.

But then Glynn spotted two goblins waiting in ambush near the house. Caldreas then cast invisibility on the entire party.

The group quickly moved to the wagon to use it as cover. But suddenly, the ground gave way in front of the wagon. Luckily they didn’t fall into the massive concealed pit, ten feet deep!

Sensing they had captured someone, twenty goblins suddenly came out of hiding all around the area.

The group attacked the goblins, which were all slain in less than a minute.

But as darkness fell, the door to the cottage opened. Five wights led by a shadowy wraith emerged from the house to attack the group.

Glynn found himself surrounded and was severely wounded by the wights’ attacks. Caldreas and Patch quickly slew the wraith before it could attack.

Fearing for Erinthar’s safety, Glynn ordered the boy to flee from battle. But as he started to run away, two of the wights attacked the young boy and was killed.

The group destroyed the wights but had the death of Erinthar to deal with.


The group decided to teleport back to Waterdeep and find a temple to raise young Erinthar from death.

They placed his body in Patch’s magical haversack.

As soon the group arrived in Waterdeep’s public teleportation circle, the City Watch was immediately alerted to their presence, but not before they noticed wanted posters with their names on them posted nearby.

The heroes had just found out they were wanted for the kidnapping of Erinthar Alibakkar!

Rather than take on the Watch and then try to explain themselves, Caldreas immediately teleported back to the Coast Way crossroads

Out of teleportation spells available to Caldreas, the group rested for the night.

Early in the morning, they decided it would be best if they took Erinthar to Athkatla as quickly as possible.

Caldreas asked Patch, who had been raised on the streets of Athkatla, if he knew and could describe in as much detail as possible a location Caldreas could teleport everyone to.

Patch described a particular meeting room where over a hundred years ago, he had met with members of the Shadow Thieves who had tried to recruit him into their guild.

He didn’t join the Shadow Thieves but recalled the room’s appearance. Patch said he remembered being led through an old house alongside an alley. Inside the house, he was further led into the cellar and through the city’s sewer system. He was then ushered into a small room where he met Shadow Thieves members.

Patch described the meeting room to Caldreas, who then tried to envision himself, and the rest of his companions, in the room.

Then calling upon the power of his spell, Caldreas teleported the Champions of the Vale to Athkatla.

Champions of the Vale

Caldreas Arannis (5E)

Glyn Windriver

Erinthar Alibakkar


Xander Wayfinder (Champions of the Vale)



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