Campaign of the Month: February 2012

Legacy of the Realms

To Catch a Serpent, Part 2

Ch. 13 (Champions of the Vale)

14 Kythorn, The Year of Three Ships Sailing (1492 DR)
Athkatla, capital city of Amn

The Champions of the Vale have been asked to help investigate the mystery surrounding the murders of Athkatlan city officials before the city collapses into chaos.

To be continued…

Sadly, the Champions of the Vale lost a member today. Caldreas Arannis (Champions of the Vale) was slain by a group of harpy-like assassins called Garudas while defending the leader of the Council of Five. The surviving party members decided to take him to the nearest temple of Corellon Larethian in hopes of bringing him back from the dead.

Champions of the Vale

Caldreas Arannis (5E)

Glyn Windriver


Xander Wayfinder (Champions of the Vale)



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