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Legacy of the Realms

Tomb of Diderius, Part 1

Chapter 7 (The Rise of Tiamat)

7 Tarsakh, The Year of the Star Walker’s Return (1490 DR)
Tomb of Diderius, The Serpent Hills

“What is Varram is doing here?” Winslow Crestkeeper wondered. Winslow looked at the towering cliff before him.

The others wondered the same thing.

A forty-foot high edifice was carved into the cliff side, dominated by relief columns carved with strange, otherworldly scenes.

Two stone statues, standing twenty feet high, stood in a courtyard before the edifice.

One of the colossus was that of a bearded human male, wearing exotic clothes, but its face was smashed beyond recognition. It held a balance in its right hand and cudgel at its side.

Its left hand was raised, as if warning the adventurers of the dangers that lurked ahead.

The other colossus was that of a young human male wearing similar exotic clothing.

The left half of its head had apparently cracked off long ago, and fell at its feet. The statue held a shepherd’s crook in its left hand and a sword at its waist.

Its right hand was raised in warning as well.

In another part of the paved plaza, the adventurers saw the remains of a fountain. Nearby stone structures, their purposes lost to the sands of time, surrounded the fountain. All of the structures were little more than ruins.

Patch, a high-elf fighter, walked towards a nearby ruin, his weapon at the ready.

The others followed Patch, leaving only Winslow’s Cormyrian retainers behind to tend to the six riding horses and Winslow’s warhorse, Barron.

A gaping hole in the closest structure allowed Patch to see inside it and out through a large wooden door which was barely hanging on its hinges.

Patch spotted a large shadow on the ground just passed the doorway.

“We’ve got company!” Patch warned the others.

Caldreas Arannis, moonelf wizard from Bear’s Head, was about to yell the very same words. He too spotted a large creature attempting to hide itself around the corner of a nearby ruin.

Suddenly as one, four large creatures—Trolls—appeared from hiding places.

Standing some nine feet tall, the trolls walked upright but hunched forward. As they moved to attack the group, their gaits were uneven, their arms ending in sharp claws dangled and dragged along the ground.

Their rubbery hides were the color of green moss. Their hair iron gray.

Two trolls went straight for the main group, while two others made their way through a ruined building to fight Patch.

Winslow, Lo-kag, and Caldreas took on the two trolls coming for them.

Deb stayed near the horses to help protect them and Winslow’s retainers.

Patch waited for the two trolls coming for him.

Before two of the trolls had fallen, three Hill Giants wandered in from the south. Two of the trolls were severely wounded during the battle and chose to flee down the well.

Both stupid and hungry—not a good combination for any creature—, the giants started their attacks by throwing rocks at the adventurers.

After, they switched to their giant clubs.

By the time the adventurers had disposed of the giants, they were all tired. All had sustained injuries. Some more than others.

They decided to rest for an hour before exploring what lay hidden inside the cliff.

Heroes and NPCs

Caldreas Arannis (4e Character)

Deborah “Deb” Missiletoe



Winslow Crestkeeper III



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