Campaign of the Month: February 2012

Legacy of the Realms

Tomb of Diderius, Part 3

Chapter 9 (The Rise of Tiamat)

7 Tarsakh, The Year of the Star Walker’s Return (1490 DR)
Tomb of Diderius, The Serpent Hills

After resting an hour to catch their breaths and heal up some wounds, the adventurers left the safety of the well room.

As soon as they stepped back into the mosaic room, they encountered a large creature which resembled a floating brain with a beak. Barbed tentacles grabbed at the walls and whipped out towards the group.

During the fight, another one of the creature surprised Winslow from where it hid near the ceiling.

The creature’s tentacles kept Winslow entangled during the battle.

Although the fight against the strange creatures lasted less than thirty seconds, Winslow did not come out of the battle unscathed.

After curing his wounds with a prayer and a spell, they all made their way back to the library.

First, they had to enter the room with nearly a dozen sarcophagi in it.

Unfortunately, before opening the door leading to the library, they had forgotten to imitate the sign worshipper of Mistril made.

Their mistake caused the sarcophagi to open, releasing eleven mummies which quickly attacked the group.


Winslow, a paladin of Lathander, the sun god, raised his holy symbol and used his divine ability to turn the undead.

Unfortunately, he managed to only turn four of them. That left the rest as a deadly threat.

The ones he turned fled as fast as they could away from the paladin’s presence. Some, couldn’t flee since they couldn’t advance towards Winslow.

Those returned to the safety of their sarcophagi.

For the living, the battle was hard fought.

Although all but the ones Winslow had turned were slain, nearly everyone suffered from the undead’s onslaught.

Lo-kag suffered the most. He was severely wounded, having on occasion suffered deadly attacks from the undead’s necrotic touch. If it had not been for his barbarian rage, he would surely have perished.

Knowing there was no time to rest, the adventurers regained themselves and moved to attack the undead still standing.

Heroes and NPCs

Caldreas Arannis (4e Character)

Deborah “Deb” Missiletoe



Winslow Crestkeeper III



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