Caldreas Arannis (4e Character)

To read is to be mentally alive


Caldreas Arannis, level 10
Moon Elf (Eladrin), Wizard (Mage)
School: Pyromancy School
School: Evocation School
Expert Mage Option: Pyromancy School Expert
Master Mage Option: Evocation School Master
Moon Elf (Learn Chondathan)
Theme: Scholar

STR 15, CON 16, DEX 17, INT 21, WIS 16, CHA 13

STR 15, CON 16, DEX 13, INT 17, WIS 16, CHA 13

AC: 26 Fort: 19 Ref: 22 Will: 23
HP: 62 Surges: 9 Surge Value: 15

Arcana +18, Athletics +12, Heal +13, History +15, Insight +15, Nature +13, Religion +15

Acrobatics +10, Bluff +10, Diplomacy +8, Dungeoneering +10, Endurance +12, Intimidate +12, Perception +10, Stealth +10, Streetwise +10, Thievery +10

Basic Attack: Melee Basic Attack
Basic Attack: Ranged Basic Attack
Scholar Utility: Use Vulnerability
Eladrin Racial Power: Fey Step
Wizard Utility: Mage Hand
Wizard Utility: Prestidigitation
Wizard Utility: Light
Wizard Attack 1: Fountain of Flame
Wizard Attack 1: Sleep
Wizard Attack 1: Burning Hands
Wizard Attack 1: Charm of Misplaced Wrath
Wizard Attack 1: Arc Lightning
Wizard Attack 1: Hypnotism
Wizard Attack 1: Magic Missile
Wizard Utility 2: Expeditious Retreat
Wizard Utility 2: Shield
Wizard Attack 3: Shock Sphere
Wizard Attack 3: Maze of Mirrors
Wizard Attack 5: Fireball
Wizard Attack 5: Tasha’s Forcible Conscription
Wizard Utility 6: Dispel Magic
Wizard Utility 6: Wizard’s Escape
Wizard Attack 7: Lightning Bolt
Wizard Attack 7: Phantom Foes
Wizard Attack 9: Ice Storm
Wizard Attack 9: Phantasmal Killer
Wizard Utility 10: Arcane Gate
Wizard Utility 10: Mass Resistance

Level 1: Jack of All Trades
Level 2: Unarmored Agility
Level 4: Staff Expertise
Level 6: Hafted Defense
Level 8: Skill Focus (Arcana)
Level 10: Skill Training (Heal)

Striking Staff +3 x1
Collar of Recovery +1 x1
Githweave Armor of Starlight +3 x1
Backpack (empty)
Trail Rations
Magic Staff +2
Potion of Healing
Animal Messenger
Tenser’s Floating Disk
Enchant Magic Item
Brew Potion
Comprehend Language
Eye of Alarm
Hallucinatory Item
Travelers’ Feast
Disenchant Magic Item
Wizard’s Escape
Cure Disease


Magic missiles
Caldreas Arannis was born on Ches 25 in the year 1459 to his Eladrin parents Aran
and Calaereth Arannis. His father Aran is a Lord Regent’s High Sword of Bear’s Head
and one of the original members of the Cloaked Raiders from over a century ago. His
mother Calaereth was originally an interpreter for the noble families of Waterdeep. As
Caldreas grew throughout his childhood he exhibited a remarkable memory. He
rapidly went through his primary education and caught the attention of a town scholar
and wizard, Rolando, who took him as an apprentice at 12 years of age. Calaereth
wished for her son Caldreas to become an educator and Aran trained his son to use
the traditional Eladrin longsword, but Caldreas was fascinated with the magical
cantrips that Rolando had taught him and wished to become a full-fledged wizard in
his own right. He marveled at the work of a gnome wizard named Omega and dreamed
of being an archmage of his own.

As Caldreas entered his teens he assisted a half-elf female teacher named Oriel in her
classroom and poured over ancient tomes in Rolando’s possesion. His remarkable
memory would retain facts like very few could. He spent considerable time studying
arcana, history, languages and religion. His father made sure that Caldreas maintain
his physical conditioning, continuing his training with the longsword and making
Caldreas a respectable athlete and runner in his own right.

Caldreas came of age and yet he didn’t know where his path lay. He could become a
full-fledged teacher as his knowledge already surpassed Oriel and yet that didn’t
interest him. He continued collecting knowledge with Rolando, aiding Oriel in her
teaching, and yet his early mastery of fire spells caught the attention of Omega who
encouraged him to become an adventurer. At twenty years of age he made the
announcement to his parents that he was joining an adventuring company known as
the Company of the Siren Song. His parents expressed their support, but Caldreas
could detect a great fear in the eye of his mother. She had seen her share of brave
adventurers who marched off to glory and never returned. A single tear flowed from
her eye as Caldreas went on his first adventure. Caldreas soon learned a new
appreciation for her skill at cooking as trail rations are drab and tasteless and
whenever he returned to Bear’s Head he eagerly sought a hot meal from her. His
father always gave him an encouraging embrace and was very proud of him. Aran
was also thankful that Caldreas spent less time in Rolando’s libarary and more time in
the real world, developing strong friendships with his new companions and becoming a
valuable asset in the defense of Bear’s Head and the West Vale.

Caldreas Arannis (4e Character)

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