Kallin (4e Character)


== Created Using Wizards of the Coast D&D Character Builder ==
Kallin Rourke, level 20
Elf, Ranger, High Forest Scout
Build: Archer Ranger
Fighting Style Option: Archer Fighting Style
Ranger Option: Prime Shot
Forest Warden (Forest Warden Benefit)

STR 17, CON 18, DEX 24, INT 14, WIS 24, CHA 16

STR 16, CON 17, DEX 18, INT 13, WIS 18, CHA 15

AC: 32 Fort: 29 Ref: 32 Will: 31
HP: 145 Surges: 10 Surge Value: 36

Acrobatics +26, Athletics +23, Nature +25, Perception +27, Stealth +27

Arcana +12, Bluff +13, Diplomacy +13, Dungeoneering +17, Endurance +14, Heal +17, History +12, Insight +17, Intimidate +13, Religion +12, Streetwise +13, Thievery +17

Basic Attack: Melee Basic Attack
Basic Attack: Ranged Basic Attack
Elf Racial Power: Elven Accuracy
Hunter’s Quarry Power: Hunter’s Quarry
Ranger Attack 1: Careful Attack
Ranger Attack 1: Nimble Strike
Ranger Utility 2: Crucial Advice
Ranger Utility 6: Evade Ambush
Ranger Attack 7: Spikes of the Manticore
Ranger Attack 9: Close Quarters Shot
Ranger Utility 10: Open the Range
High Forest Scout Attack 11: Argent Arrow
High Forest Scout Utility 12: Unrestricted Movement
Ranger Attack 13: Knockdown Shot
Ranger Attack 15: Bleeding Wounds
Ranger Utility 16: Evade the Blow
Ranger Attack 17: Triple Shot
Ranger Attack 19: Two-in-One Shot
High Forest Scout Attack 20: Binding Arrows

Defensive Mobility
Level 1: Lethal Hunter
Level 2: Toughness
Level 4: Alertness
Level 6: Linguist
Level 8: Wood Elf Agility
Level 10: Bow Expertise
Level 11: Weapon Expertise (Bow)
Level 12: Far Shot
Level 14: Weapon Focus (Bow)
Level 16: Distant Shot
Level 18: Secret Stride
Level 20: Uncanny Dodge

Dancing Longsword +4
Phasing Longbow +4 x1
Sylvan Feyleather Armor +5 x1
Bracers of the Perfect Shot (paragon tier) x1
Boots of Striding and Springing x1
Gloves of Storing x1
Goggles of Night x1
Brooch of Vitality +4 x1
Ring of Feather Fall x1
Ring of Shadow Travel x1
Dynamic Belt (paragon tier) x1
Everlasting Provisions
Flying Carpet
Handy Haversack
Portable Hole
Rope of Climbing
Sending Stones (pair)
Chime of Awakening
Endless Canteen
Endless Quiver
Hunter’s Flint
Potion of Life
Potion of Healing
Potion of Vitality
Pouches of Shared Acquisition
== End ==


Kallin (4e Character)

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