Zaachaeus De'Barronn (4e Character)


== Created Using Wizards of the Coast D&D Character Builder ==
Zaachaeus De’Barronn, level 28
Drow, Fighter (Weaponmaster), Kensei, Redeemed Drow
Build: Tempest Fighter
Fighter Option: Combat Superiority
Fighter Talents Option: Tempest Technique
Kensei Focus Option: Kensei Focus Longsword
Silent Hunter (Silent Hunter Benefit)

STR 24, CON 18, DEX 28, INT 16, WIS 18, CHA 21

STR 17, CON 15, DEX 18, INT 14, WIS 16, CHA 17

AC: 40 Fort: 39 Ref: 40 Will: 39
HP: 210 Surges: 13 Surge Value: 52

Athletics +32, Perception +26, Stealth +37

Acrobatics +29, Arcana +17, Bluff +19, Diplomacy +19, Dungeoneering +18, Endurance +18, Heal +18, History +17, Insight +18, Intimidate +21, Nature +18, Religion +17, Streetwise +19, Thievery +23

Basic Attack: Melee Basic Attack
Basic Attack: Ranged Basic Attack
Drow Racial Power: Cloud of Darkness
Fighter Attack: Combat Challenge
Fighter Attack 1: Cleave
Fighter Attack 1: Reaping Strike
Fighter Utility 2: Unstoppable
Fighter Utility 6: Unbreakable
Fighter Utility 10: Stalwart Guard
Kensei Attack 11: Masterstroke
Kensei Utility 12: Ultimate Parry
Fighter Attack 15: Dragon’s Fangs
Fighter Utility 16: Surprise Step
Fighter Attack 17: Exorcism of Steel
Fighter Attack 19: Adaptable Maneuver
Kensei Attack 20: Weaponsoul Dance
Fighter Utility 22: No Surrender
Fighter Attack 23: Maneuvering Assault
Fighter Attack 25: Supremacy of Steel
Redeemed Drow Utility 26: Light of Heaven
Fighter Attack 27: Cruel Reaper

Two-Weapon Defense
Level 1: Two-Weapon Fighting
Level 2: Toughness
Level 4: Blindfighting Warrior
Level 6: Quick Draw
Level 8: Alertness
Level 10: Linguist
Level 11: Linguist II
Level 12: Secret Stride
Level 14: Evasion
Level 16: Uncanny Dodge
Level 18: Mettle
Level 20: Heavy Blade Expertise
Level 21: Two-Weapon Flurry
Level 22: Heavy Blade Mastery
Level 24: Weapon Focus (Heavy Blade)
Level 26: Blindfighting Sentinel
Level 28: Superior Will

Vorpal Longsword x1
Lifedrinker Short sword +5
Phasing Longbow +5
Longsword of Summer +5
Shadowflow Starleather Armor +6 x1
Boots of Speed x1
Gloves of Storing x1
Ring of Flight
Dynamic Belt (epic tier) x1
Handy Haversack
Flying Carpet
Portable Hole
Sending Stones (pair)
Chime of Awakening
Chime of Opening (epic tier)
Endless Canteen
Endless Quiver
Hunter’s Flint
Pouches of Shared Acquisition
Rope of Climbing
Shroud of Revival
Instant Portal
Everlasting Provisions
Potion of Life
Potion of Vitality
Alchemist’s Acid (level 16)
Alchemist’s Fire (level 16)
Brilliant Energy Longsword +5
Vampiric Short sword +5
Frost Longsword +4
Rod of Dispater x1
Unguent of Blindsight
Greenstone Amulet x1
Ioun Stone of Steadfastness x1
Iron Armbands of Power (epic tier) x1
Ring of Circling Fangs x1
Ring of the Phoenix x1
Tattoo of the Penitent Martyr x1
== End ==


Zaachaeus De'Barronn (4e Character)

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