Crown of Winter (4e Edition Item)


Level 18 Rare
This imposing crown appears to be made of ice and is chilly to the touch.
Price: 3,400 gp
Item Slot: Headgear

Property: You gain resist 5 cold.

Power (Encounter, Cold, Psychic): Immediate Reaction.
Trigger: An enemy damages you.
Effect: The triggering enemy takes 5 cold and psychic damage, and is immobilized until the end of its next turn.

Power (Daily): Free Action
Trigger: You make an attack roll for a cold power and dislike the result.
Effect: You reroll the attack roll and use the new result.

Published in Cairn of the Winter King, page(s) 29.


This item was retrieved from the Winter King after he was slain. Read about it in Halls of Hammerfist, Finale

Crown of Winter (4e Edition Item)

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