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Legacy of the Realms

Hatred like Clawed Wind

Chapter 1 (Tyranny of Dragons)

DM: Richard Rouillard

24 Kythorn, The Year of Three Ships Sailing (1492 DR)
City of Mulmaster, The Moonsea


Even as despair and desperation roil among the masses of Mulmaster, rumors of a new cult gaining power in the city pass from tavern to tavern, from angry mouth to fearful ear.

Cyrus Copperfist learned upon arriving to Mulmaster why it was called the City of Danger.

Cyrus, a dwarf bard, was beginning to make a name for himself in the Moonsea region. His skills in reciting ancient dwarven epic poems and accompanying other musicians with his drum earned him accolades, free food and ale, as well as free lodgings wherever he found employment.

Cyrus didn’t share much about himself, although rumor has it that he originally hailed from the Earthspur Mountains. Another rumor has it that Cyrus once told a harrowing—and perhaps a bit too truthful—tale of murder and deception at a noble’s party in the city of Tantras which nearly costed the bard his life.

Cyrus quickly left Tantras and never looked back.


After arriving in Mulmaster, Cyrus found himself witnessing a brutal attack by three thugs upon a lizardfolk in an alley.

Just as Cyrus was about to intervene, a goblin, a goliath and another dwarf appeared on the scene.

Two of the three thugs were beaten—one put to sleep by a spell casted by Cyrus although Cyrus tried to mask the casting of his spell. Cyrus had heard that in Mulmaster, the use of arcane spells was prohibited, with punishments ranging from having to pay hefty fines to being burned alive at the stake.

The lizardfolk thanked Cyrus for intervening and introduced himself as Juras, a cleric of the sun god, Lathander.

After the encounter in the alley, the dwarf Saul offered Cyrus and Juras jobs working for Astrid Saj, a wealthy merchant woman who was planning on throwing a party which was expected to last a full tenday. Saul introduced himself as a footman who ran the daily household affairs of Astrid Saj.

Cyrus naturally agreed to work as an entertainer. Juras worked in the kitchen, while the goblin Narc was given the job of spying on the hundreds of guests that would be arriving each and every day. The goliath, Lo-bruk, was employed by Saul as his personal bodyguard.

On the second day, there was a violent confrontation at the party that didn’t involve revelers, but was instead a melee between two servants. One of Mistress Saj’s seamstresses—a young woman called Binnacy—a seamstress for Mistress Saj, surprised everyone by brutally attacking a stable hand called Larch who was later escorted home by the City Watch, bruised in body and ego.

At the end of the heroes’ shift, they were approached by Nelvon DeJun who identified him as member of the Cloaks, the organization that any citizen practicing arcane magic in Mulmaster must join.

Nelvon questioned the heroes as witnesses to the melee. They were then asked to help find out where Larch had been taken since the Watch had no reports of Larch ever being arrested.

Nelvon offered to pay Cyrus, Narc, and Juras 100 gold pieces and a bonus of 50 gold pieces each when they safely returned Larch to Nelvon. The heroes agreed to help, and brought along Lo-bruk.

The heroes first found Binnacy Kron and questioned her.

They discovered from her a simple story of revenge.

It seemed that years before, Binnacy’s youngest sister Maude showed an innate affinity for magic when she reached womanhood. When the Cloaks insisted that the young Maude be trained by them, she stubbornly refused—despite her family’s urging. Eventually, Maude’s refusal would result in her exile from Mulmaster. Maude’s family scrambled to find the young woman and send her to live with her aunt and uncle in Phlan. However Maude was beset upon by bandits who robbed, accosted her, and slew her before her parents were able to locate her.

Binnacy and her family swore vengeance, entreating the god Talos, the god of storms, to destroy the Cloaks— specifically Nelvon DeJun, the Cloak who, in their minds, was responsible for the young Maude’s death.

In the years that followed, the Kron family was contacted by an acolyte of Talos named Proskler. The acolyte devised a plan to capture someone dear to Nelvon DeJun, kill him, and show the Cloak first-hand what pain he had caused the Kron family.

On the second day of the celebration, Binnacy and her four brothers took the first step in exacting her family’s revenge. She attacked Larch DeJun, which she knew would cause someone to notify the City Watch.

Two of her brothers, Arne and Jaque—members of the Watch themselves—made sure they were nearby and answered the call to restore peace. Instead of helping Larch home, however, they abducted the boy and took him to their assigned watch tower to meet Proskler and finally carry out their revenge.

Realizing Larch’s life was in danger, the heroes had Binnacy placed under house arrest while they immediately left for the watch tower where Larch was taken.

At the tower, the heroes found two unconscious members of the Watch. A spiral staircase led to a trapdoor to the top of the watch tower. However, magical glyphs flashed to life sending a powerful gust which blew Juras off the stairs. Lo-bruk tried to break down the trapdoor, but it was Narc use of his thieves’ tools that destroyed the glyphs and allowed them access to the tower’s rooftop.

Outside, the heroes saw Larch chained and about to be ritualistically slain by Proskler. Four men—Binnacy’s brothers—blocked the heroes from reaching Larch.

However, the battle between the heroes and the Kron brothers ended in Lo-bruk and Narc’s death. Proskler tried to escape but fell after appearing to float away, but not before he had summoned several blood hawks and a hippgriff from the elemental plane of air to fight the heroes.

Of the Kron brothers, only Jaque survived. He killed Larch, completing the Kron family’s vow of exacting revenge against Nelvon DeJun.

Juras and Cyrus, who nearly died himself, managed to escape the fight and return to the estate of Astrid Saj. They they told Nelvon everything. Nelvon was furious. He left the estate promising both Juras and Cyrus that he would never forget their failure at rescuing his younger brother.

Saul wasn’t happy either at having lost a good goliath bodyguard and a skilled goblin spy. But at least Juras and Cyrus were both alive.

Saul went to find a quiet place to drink away his sorrows.


Cyrus Copperfist


Lo-bruk (Goliath Fighter)




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