"I Have Failed"

3 Elient, 1479 (Year of the Ageless One)

I watched them all die…one by one. One would think that a warrior with as much experience as I would know how to keep his soldiers alive. First Vyn, then Jobek….then Fredara….then Monro…then Orva. Until all that was left was Kallin,Luthan and me.

I got the whole “I have a task but I understand if you choose not to go” speech from Kallin. But does Kallin know what sorrow I feel? I lost my whole group… everyone…..gone and only one can be revived. The rest…..ended by wraiths.

My will to fight is gone….I will only help Kallin and Luthan leave the wretched realm of the feywild, then I am done…..

I am not of the people…I am of Bear’s Head…They are who I fight for, and I have failed….

"I Have Failed"

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