Spirit of Adventure


In Legacy of the Realms, players are often asked where they foresee their characters going in the game. Do they aspire to become a great rulers of a fledgling nation, or go on a journey to far off lands in search of legendary artifact that can bring them power, fame, and glory?

In the tradition of adventure and character development, players are encouraged to work with the Dungeon Master in forming adventures or quests that can help their characters grow in the game. Unique adventures are then designed to challenge the player’s character in fulfilling his dream of becoming a great ruler, a great mage, or simply the most powerful adventurer in the Realms.

So sit back and enjoy reading about these personal quests created in the spirit of adventure.

Personal Quests

“Quest for Fire” & “Quest for Fire” Part 2
The Pyromancer Caldreas seeks out the legendary Cloak of Flames in the fabled lands of Netheril.

Spirit of Adventure

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