The Reaching Woods

Reaching woods 1

Reaching Woods

This expansive stand of deciduous trees—mostly elms, maples, beeches, and oaks—seems a pleasant and beautiful forest from the exterior. Its innermost secret glades hide shrines to primal entities tended by elves, humans, gnolls, and goblins. Until recently, The High Observer of Elturgard, Samlawr, declared that goblins are vicious creatures and that gnolls serve demons, ordered the forest barricaded. High Observer Samlawr ordered that no one could enter or leave, on pain of death.

Thirty years passed in silence.

Recently, Samlawr—who turned out to be a Corruption Devil—was slain by adventurers from the Western Sunset Vale. Since Samlawr’s destruction, the boundaries of the Reaching Woods have once again reopened for those brave enough to explore its shadowed mysteries. Rumored to be the home of dire creatures like the legendary dire bear, U’Cla, the Reaching Woods is a forest filled with danger.

Adventures in the Reaching Woods

“The Hunt for U’Cla”


“Roadside Assistance”

The Reaching Woods

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