5E House Rules


Acing Damages

All damage rolls are open-ended. That means that when you roll the highest number possible on a die (a 6 on a d6, an 8 on a d8, and so on), you get to roll that die again and again and add it to the total. Any modifiers to the damage roll is added on after adding up all aced rolls.

Active vs. Passive Perception Checks

A player’s Perception check roll may not yield a result lower than their Passive Perception score. If a player rolls a “1”, then his Passive Perception score is also reduced by 5.

Sometimes, it benefits the player to roll for Perception checks depending on the situation.

Coup de Grace Rule

When a foe has fallen unconscious, you have a chance to slay the helpless creature outright. You can use your action to perform a coup de grace against an unconscious or helpless (e.g., bound) creature adjacent to you. The target is considered to be Restrained for attack purposes. On a hit, the attack is considered to have scored a critical hit.

Critical Damage

On a natural 20 on an attack roll, all damages totaled are doubled.

Firing into Melee

Firing into a tangle of people, such as a melee, to shoot at a target is quite dangerous and difficult. The attacker has Disadvantage when trying to attempt to shoot at a target locked in melee while trying to avoid shooting an ally.

However, each miss that misses the target’s AC by 5 or more indicates a random adjacent character was hit.

No rerolls on the attack are allowed.

Identifying Magic Items

To learn the properties of a magic item, a character must either have access to the identify spell, try emperimenting with the item, or both.

Sleeping in Armor

A character may sleep or take an Extended Rest comfortably in armor, provided the character is wearing light armor.

If a character sleeps or takes an Extended Rest while wearing Medium Armor, he or she suffers from Level 1 Exhaustion (PHB, p.291). If a character sleeps or takes an Extended Rest while wearing Heavy Armor, he or she suffers from both Level 1 and Level 2 Exhaustion (PHB, p.291).

5E House Rules

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